Koherent partnership with Target & Angela Simmons

Koherent Philanthropy

Specializes in the creation and growth of charities, utilizing advanced technology and social networks.

Koherent is currently developing an advanced internet platform for charities and donors that will streamline the organization and growth around the causes themselves. Koherent has partnered with several charities and organizations as well as the United Nations to help organize the Summit on Giving It Back and Passing It On, which was a 4 day event mobilizing organizing young high net worth individuals around making a unified difference globally. The community is made up of 350 members, between the ages of 18-40. Two-thirds of the members have a net worth of more than $100 million, while the other third is comprised of social entrepreneurs. The community has more than 65 billionaire families represented. Koherent is using its technology platform to make it easy for donors to work together and find the right charities to do the biggest social good.

Koherent partnership with Target & Angela Simmons (pictured on page)